by Bloodhound

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released October 19, 2014

Thanks to AMH studios for recording/mixing and mastering. S/o to Brain Dead, Afflictive Nature, Drown, Blunt Object, Judiciary, Snakeway, Minds Eye, Sold Short, Ill Informed, Loathe, Texas Hardcore. Also An especially big s/o to Frontage tx, without them it wouldn't of been possible to record Extinction.



all rights reserved


Bloodhound San Antonio, Texas

Vocals- Isaiah
Guitar- Augie
Guitar- Marcell
Bass- Troy
Drums- Nathan


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Track Name: Buried
Buried alive won't hear you cry take one last breath.
Before it's time to suffer the consequence.
You had a chance to make it right.
Your time is up no need for goodbyes.

Your time is up you've lost control.
Your time is up you're 10 feet below.
Track Name: Grip On Reality
The want to leave this earth such a feeling deep inside.
That stings just like a curse drawn with empty lies.
Through your putrid eyes through your putrid eyes.
The lies you've tried to hide.

Damage you inside.
Yet you still stand.
Suffering from the thoughts.

Of what's become your own demise.
Yet you go on living through these lies.
Waiting and hoping to grip reality.
Still you're here always fighting.
For the answers.
While you weep in guilt still picking your skin.
Track Name: The Suffering
Constant undergoing and receiving a debilitating pain.
Never understanding why this feeling will never fade away.

I can't seem to hide from this antipithy.
I can't seem to hide it will never leave me.

Broken still alive.
I can't seem to find.
An end to this suffering.
An end to my suffering.

This is my suffering.
For all eternity.
Track Name: Extinction
Time at its end.
There's no hope.
There is nothing to save us.
From death and decay.

Our souls are gone forever.
Nothing can save us.
Our souls are gone forever.

Where will you go with no soul.
To the depths of below.
A world untold.
How will we know where death will take us now.